Stop the intimidation of anti-mining protesters in Peru!

DJPC joins over 50 groups in signing statement opposing intimidation and forced displacement of mining protesters in Peru

 Yamacooha Lake protest

Monsignor Cabrejos and Father Garatea listen to the demands
of the population of Cajamarca at Namococha lake.
Photo: Jonas Hulsens/CATAPA

Click here for complete statement.

See complete story by Payat Sampal of EARTHWORKS:



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One thought on “Stop the intimidation of anti-mining protesters in Peru!

  1. It would be very helpful to have a news report about the facts of what has happened. Were people evicted from their homes? Or was it protesters being evicted? And if so, from what land were they evicted? How much force was used in the eviction? I want to be sympathetic, and I believe that abuses are happening. But it would really help to have more facts.

    Similarly, the facts surrounding the mine are not clear. The government says yes and the people say no? Are there any democratic processes at all for the people?

    Millennium Development Goal No. 8 has to do with development in legal, responsible, and predictable ways. Is that playing out in this scenario or not?

    It would really help to have more facts.

    Thank you.

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