Compañera Jane Covode, ¡Presente!?

Compañera Jane Covode, ¡Presente!?

With much sorrow, we share the news of the passing of Jane Cavode, our friend and longtime DJPC activist, in April. Jane devoted herself to the cause of social, political, and environmental justice both at home in Denver and in her many experiences living and traveling in Latin America.
Through her affiliation with the DJPC, Jane spent time working in an orphanage in Cuernavaca and later assisted Guatemalan refugees in Chiapas, Mexico. In Honduras, Jane joined a human rights delegation that traveled throughout the country to hear from families who had lost land and loved ones due to government repression. She also traveled to Cajamarca and Celendín, Peru, where she climbed a steep mountainside in the Andes to meet with an indigenous leader who was facing attacks from the largest gold mining company in the world. Jane also worked on trade issues with the Advocacy Committee. In 2006 she received the John Proctor Member of the Year Award.

On returning from her many journeys, Jane sought to share what she had learned and educate others about police and military repression and the dangers of metal mining in rural communities. For her wisdom, compassion, support for other activists, and determination to bring true justice into the world, Jane will remain forever in our hearts.

A celebration of Jane’s life will be held on Friday, June 7, 2024 from 4:00-8:00 pm at The Molkery, 6820 East 12th Ave, Denver, CO 80220.

Read Jane’s Obituary here

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