Solidarity Projects

Since 1996, DJPC’s Colorado/Maya Accompaniment Project of the Sierra (CAMINOS) has sent human rights observers to live and work in Guatemala, has responded to human rights abuses through an urgent action network and has facilitated exchanges between people of Guatemala and the US. Currently, CAMINOS sponsors human rights observers who accompany witnesses seeking justice in legal cases against former military dictators.
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The Promesa Partnership

A project overseen by the CAMINOS committee that seeks to improve overall health and primary health care delivery for the isolated rural village of Teorito, Guatemala, by supporting the community’s own existing health structures, as well as the health workers who serve as volunteers

The Salon Series

A monthly event features informative, interactive and stimulating discussions among people who are concerned about peace and justice in the world today. Our series began with an exploration of the framework Transitional Justice affords societies moving forward from a history of violence and genocide to a future of justice.

Advocacy & Nonviolent Activism

We advocate and educate community members and legislators on the importance and necessity of human rights, non-violence and social justice considerations in U.S. foreign policy towards Latin America.

Nonviolence is at the core of DJPC values. We organize and support non-violent actions to raise awareness on issues affecting Latin America. DJPC’s Non-violent Action Campaigns include workshops, letter-writing, campaigning, and creative action focused around specific examples of excessive corporate impropriety in Latin America.

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Awards Night

Our annual Awards Night held in late autumn, features an internationally known guest who speaks on Latin American human rights issues. This celebration honors individuals and groups for their outstanding work for justice & peace as well as a committment to the mission of DJPC. Participants engage in a silent auction as well as food and fellowship.