Another year of working for justice and peace…

Another year of working for justice and peace…

thanks to your help!

Thanks to all of you

who supported DJPC during 2012

and joined us in working for

a more just and peaceful world

for over 30 years now!

DJPC is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting human rights,
economic justice & lasting peace in Latin America
through education, solidarity projects and nonviolent activism.

To help DJPC continue its work for many more years to come,

make a tax deductible donation

go to and click

or write a check to:

Justice & Peace Committee Education Fund”

and mail it to:

P.O. Box 12403
Denver, CO 80212

Denver Justice & Peace Committee
P.O. Box 12403
Denver, Colorado 80212 USA
Tel. 303-623-1463
Update1djpc mailing list
[email protected]

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