Salon Discussion on Guatemala Today

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our invited presenter from Guatemala, Pascual Bernabé Velásquez, will not arrive for this Thursday’s Salon Discussion Series.  Consequently, we will have the following program for this month’s Salon.  Our apologies for any inconveniences.



a roundtable discussion

We’ll hear from each other about:

– the ongoing trial of ex-president Rios Montt

– mining abuses by foreign corporations

– conflict over the hydroelectric dam at Santa Cruz Barillas

– the true meaning of the Mayan calendar

– the new eruption of the volcano Fuego

– violence against Guatemalan women

– and other news updates!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

7:00 – 9:00 PM

at Highlands United Methodist Church Hall

3131 Osceola Street

Northwest Denver

Free parking

Please join us for sharing all the latest news and analysis on Guatemala!

Attendees include:  Guatemalans, recent returnees from Guatemala,

experts on Guatemala, folks who have been “on the ground” there.

Join us!  Salons are for learning and for sharing discussion to keep us updated!

Denver Justice and Peace Committee (DJPC) is a grassroots organization dedicated to
promoting human rights, economic justice, and lasting peace in Latin America,
through education, solidarity projects, and nonviolent activism.
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