Violence over Newmont’s gold-mining

Photo by "Somos", weekly newsmagazine of EL COMERCIO, Peru's pro-mining business press, July 7, 2012.

The on-going, non-violent demonstrations by thousands of citizens against Newmont’s proposed extension of its gold-mining in Cajamarca, Peru, have resulted in police violence against the protesters.  At least five have died from the police firing live ammunition, and dozens more injured from violent brutality against the Cajamarcan citizens.

Father Marco Arana, cofounder of GRUFIDES in Cajamarca, Peru, had his jawbone broken during an assault on him followed by his detention, suffered at the hands of the Peruvian police on July 4, 2012, and  confirmed by x-rays taken at Cajamarca’s Regional Hospital.  Marco also has an indentation in his skull from one of the police clubs, which doctors hope will fill in over time.  It seems he also has some internal bleeding from his kidneys after being beaten during detention.  (Further reports still pending.  Thanks to SB in Peru for updated information).


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One thought on “Violence over Newmont’s gold-mining

  1. The photo with this post tells it all. I’m sure Newmont is paying these “policemen” quite well to brutalize those who would have them gone from their rightful land … Sad state of affairs.

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