DJPC Wish List for 2011

At the beginning of this new year, DJPC has a few items on its Wish List already–in case you can help or donate: 

* a tall floor lamp (for the new office)

* a desk top lamp (for the new office)

* a hot/cold thermos for 20 cups or more (for Salons, meetings, potlucks)

* blank note cards (for Thank You‘s, special occasions, etc.)

*  “Forever” First Class postage stamps (for Thank You‘s, out-going mail, etc.)

* lots more PEACE and a ton of JUSICE!

If you want to donate any of these, call DJPC: 303-623-1463.  DJPC thanks you for your support

and for the many generous donors who made it possible for us to keep working for greater justice

and peace throughout last year, 2010.  Together, with our time and energy, with financial and in-kind

donations, we are working in solidarity with the people of Latin America!


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