Build-for-Peace a HUGE SUCCESS!

DJPC'S Build-for-Peace on Saturday, June 13th with EarthLinks
 surpassed our fundraising goal of
 And some donation pledges are still coming in!

 A huge THANK YOU to our builders:

 Lynn Farquhar
 Richard Kruch
 Terry Ruby
 Francine Schwarzenberger
 Jerry Stookey
 Joy Warner
   Shirley Whiteside
 Joshua Zielinski

 And another huge THANK YOU to all our sponsors who
 contributed to the Build-for-Peace 
 which allows DJPC to keep working
 for a more just and peaceful world 
 for over 35 years now!

 Drive by EarthLinks at Decator Street & W. 13th Avenue
 to see the new garden that our DJPC Builders help create!


Denver Justice & Peace Committee P.O. Box 12403 Denver, Colorado 80212 USA Tel. 303-623-1463 Facebook – Twitter – Skype


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