Thanks for the potluck fun, food and friends!

Thanks to all who helped make DJPC’s Spring Potluck so much fun (and delicious) last Friday,  April 27.   It was great food and company as always!   Special thanks to our friend, Bill Sulzman, from Pikes Peak Justice & Peace Commission, arriving with justice and peace shirts and caps for sale by Alterni-Tee (, and making a donation to DJPC of 5% on all his sales.  And for those who missed the party,  here are the lyrics of one of the Spring-time songs that we sang:

Somewhere South of the Border

(to the tune of “Over the Rainbow”)

Somewhere south of the border

People plead,

Won’t you join us in working

for more justice and peace?”

Somewhere up in the Andes

there is gold,

but the people love water

more than gold, so we’re told.

Now mining companies have come

to get the gold–then off they run

No respect

for human rights or Mother Earth

they only care for what gold’s worth

but not for people.

Somewhere south of the border

our friends say,

Please help stop open pit mines…

and you must act today”.

So D-J-P-C joined with those

in Peru and with others too

to say NO

to Newmont Mining Corporation’s

violation of the Earth and

human rights too.

Somewhere south of our border

hope flies high,

they are acting for justice–

why then don’t you and I?


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