March Salon- 2009 DJPC SOA Protesters & Past Participants

The 2010 DJPC Salon Discussion Series invites you to hear experiences from participants in last November’s and previous Fort Benning SOA (School of the Americas) demonstrations to close the school due to their oppressive policies. Learn about current legislation in the U.S. congress and grassroots movements in Latin America to close the U.S. Army school that trains Latin American military.

Join us Thursday, March 18th from 7:00-9:00PM in the Community Room of the Denver Inner City Parish, 1212 Mariposa Street. Plenty of street parking, enter through door off of 12th street. 2010 Salon Series March Flier

Click Here to read the DJPC article on the November demonstration

Salons are held every third Thursday of the month.


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