January 18th, 2021 we continue to celebrate the legacy of of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Join the virtual commemorations.

Today we join, in a virtual way, the movement that celebrates the legacy of nonviolent civil disobedience of Martin Luther King Jr. Go to this links to follow the events that are happening in Denver, Colorado.



The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice Massachusetts invites us to join a day-long, virtual gathering that will include a historic tour, a convocation with panelists and a keynote speaker, community workshops, and opportunities to get involved in social justice work.

Given our divisive socio-political environment, the impact of the pandemic, the progress achieved by the Black Lives Matter movement, and in honor of Dr. King’s common refrain, the Center is inviting us to a program focused on the theme of ‘Uniting the Beloved Community’. Seeking to explore the connections between Dr. King’s legacy and unite the community around the concrete steps needed to take to sustain the struggle for civil rights and eradicate the three intersectional evils of systemic racism, poverty, and war.

The event is free and open to all!

To join, go to https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83743553639

We also would like to invite you to join Latin America Solidarity Coalition of Western Massachusetts at 11 am MST that will be hosting


Topic: Assault on Capitol Hill has roots that can be also traced to US Policy in Latin America

Description: Looking at the connections between the white supremacist terror attack on the Capitol Hill on January 6 and the history of US policy in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Bolivia.

To join, go to https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83743553639


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