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September Salon: What does Globalization have to do with Migration?

By Denver Justice & Peace Committee

The focus of this popular education based workshop is globalization, migration, and the economic implications of these factors.  Come and learn how people are affected by neoliberal economic policies and how we can respond.  This workshop is filled with hands-on activities and sports a companion zine with resources and more. Jordan Garcia is the Immigrant… »

Global Solutions to Violence — Online!

By Harriet Mullaney

In 2003, DJPC added a new program, Global Solutions to Violence (GSTV), to teach students in local high schools and youth programs about peacemaking, nonviolence and globalization.  The program curriculum explores peacemaking and nonviolence as realistic solutions to societal conflict, thus creating the potential for a paradigm shift away from physical and economic violence. While DJPC… »

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