DJPC Build For Peace This Saturday!

It’s time for the Denver Justice and Peace Committee’s Biannual Build for Peace!

Build for Peace is a work-a-thon (like a walk-a-thon or a marathon!).  DJPC members who will be working as “builders” need your pledge of support for  their work on October 15th.  

This year our “builders” will be painting and restoring a home for homeless women and children of The Family Tree, a non-profit organization  that provides a broad range of services and shelter to families and youth of metro Denver to overcome child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.   So everyone wins!  The families get the services and homes they need with the help of  Family Tree and the Latin American people get greater justice and peace with your solidarity and help with the Denver Justice and Peace Committee.  All thanks to your pledge of support for our “builders”!

Our Builders for Peace for this Saturday, October 15th are:

Connie Curtis

Gianna Carleo

Jonathon “Jonás” Moller

Jorge Quintero Millan

Michelle Doherty-Quintero

Rick Clifford

Steve Piper

Vivis Susa

These “builders” need your support.   To make a pledge, click here: djpc donate and put the name of the person you are sponsoring in the donation form!

Let’s keep building a more just and peaceful world!


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