DJPC’s Summer Potluck “lyrics”!

On Friday, August 5th, DJPC held its quarterly potluck social–for Summer!  Great food and company, as always!  Long-term member, Alice Green, won the door prize drawing–a hand-painted wooden box from El Salvador.

For those who missed the fun, here are the lyrics of the song we sang about gold-mining abuses:

IF YOU OWN A GOLD MINE (to the tune of “If I Had a Hammer)

If you own a gold mine,

you better take warning,

you better take notice,

all over the world,

to protect nature,

to respect people,

to obtain free and prior and informed consent,

all over this world.


If you buy a gold ring,

you better be careful,

you better find out fast

if it’s dirty gold,

that destroyed mountains,

that poisoned rivers,

that harmed peoples and workers and entire nations

all over this world.


If you really want gold,

you ought to know one thing:

there’s more than enough gold

all over the world,

you don’t need more mines,

you don’t need new gold,

with mining destruction of people and places

all over this world.


Well, we have a campaign

to monitor mining,

to monitor jewelers,

all over this world.

So join our MineWatch!

So join the movement!

Get reclamation and rights for each nation

all over this world.


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