? Thank you volunteers for your time to Build for Peace 2022. ? Thank you community for your support.

? Thank you volunteers for your time to Build for Peace 2022. ? Thank you community for your support.

Build for Peace Volunteers: Natasha Kerr, Elliot Williams, Rebeca Zúniga, Aaron Schneider, Liliana Walsh-Flora, James Chaney, Preston Enright, Lynn Holland, Sol and Luna Schneider-Zuniga, Gabriela Flora; at Re-Vision in the Westwood neighborhood in Denver. July 2022.

The DJPC actively supports migrants while still in their home countries, after they arrive here, and everywhere in between. We do this through our educational forums which are both online and in-person, social action, and our delegations to Mexico, Peru, Honduras and other Latin American countries.

We also go out to different parts of Denver known to be food deserts, including Westwood in west Denver, the Grow Haus area in north Denver, and Celebration Garden in south Denver, where we provide a day of service and harvest tomatoes and other vegetables at these community gardens. We also shovel mulch to improve the fertility of the soil, and help build, paint, and clean the grounds around the gardens.

This summer a group of DJPC volunteers went back to the Westwood neighborhood of Denver and worked at Re:Vision´s Community Garden.

I’m sure many of you have heard of food deserts. Food deserts are urban and rural areas where it is difficult or even impossible for individuals and families to obtain good-quality fresh food, the Westwood area is know for being a food desert. However, ReVision through it´s community garden, and health programs has been able to connect communities to fresh food and the immigrant community.

  • Re:Vision serves over 400 latinx families in the Westwood neighborhood
  • There are 12/15 promotoras (health promoters) who each visit around 20/30 homes every other week transferring the skills they have learned at revision on healthy ways of life and assist in the Family Gardens.
  • Westwood does not have any grocery stores and Re:Vision has other community food programs in place – together they provide 80,000 pounds of food directly to the community.
  • You can fallow ReVision on instagram to learn about all the events happening in the coop.

We thank all the volunteers that joined us this year, and our sponsors that have helped us raise over $700!  Will you help us achieve our goal of $1,500 for this year’s Build for Peace? Your donation is tax deductible, go here to donate now!


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