We believe that the U.S. government and corporate actors hold overwhelming influence over Latin American national and their leaders. Law makers, corporate executives and shareholders need to be made aware that large numbers of individuals and well-formed groups are knowledgeable and concerned about foreign policy and business practices in the hemisphere. These practices ultimately reflect our societal values and goals. Political and corporate misconduct leading to adverse effects against the protection of human rights, economic and social justice, and lasting peace throughout the region, are neither ethical nor acceptable.

Our approach to advocacy is encouragement of and engagement in nonviolent activism. we provide our members with tools to lobby Congress and the Administration on issues of importance to DJPC’s mission. We strive to create productive professional working relationships with the Colorado delegation and consistently offer our analysis on the relevant legislation they will vote on. We educate the general public on issues of importance to us. We engage in non-violent protest as a means of voicing our opposition to exploitative and violent practices.