These apply for all DJPC sponsored events and demonstrations as well as individuals representing DJPC at a demonstration

or other public events.

 DJPC was founded on the principles of nonviolence. It is DJPC’s policy thatprotests and public events be conducted in a peaceful and respectful manner.

Therefore, all participants are required to uphold the following responsibilities:

1) We will act with 360 degrees of compassion for all beings at all times, including those with differing opinions.


2) Our attitudes and demeanor will be respectful towards all people and the surrounding environment, including police officers and opponents.


3) We will not incite, use, or return violence verbal or physical ­ towards any other person or creature.

4) We will not damage any property and we will take full responsibility for our actions and not try to evade legal consequences.

5) Weapons (or anything that could be construed as a weapon) are strictly prohibited. We will not bring or use illegal drugs or alcohol.

6) As members of a nonviolent demonstration, we will follow the directions of the designated coordinators. In the event of a serious disagreement, we will remove ourselves from the action.