For over a quarter of a century, DJPC has worked in solidarity with the people of Latin America. Founded in 197, DJPC began addressing global injustice. One of the organization’s first projects was participation in the international boycott of the Nestle Corporation for its unethical marketing of infant formula in the Third World. This worldwide protest ultimately led to the World Health Organization (WHO) to draft an international code to monitor the marketing of such products

In 1984, DJPC supported a successful regional campaign against Western Airlines for its cooperation in the deportation of Salvadoran refugees during the country’s civil war. The organization also promoted a campaign to declare Denver a sanctuary for Central American refugees.

Members have participated in the long-running campaign to close the School of the Americas, the U.S. Army training facility responsible for instructing Latin American officers guilty of committing horrendous atrocities in their own countries. DJPC jas sponsored participants traveling to the annual vigil in Ft. Benning, Georgia, to protest the school’s existence.

DJPC’s current goals include putting a human face on poverty, human rights abuses and conflict in Latin America; increasing awareness of the ever-widening social and economic injustice in both the South and the North; promoting sustainable communities and nonviolence; and encouraging people to become proponents of social change.