Our annual Awards Night, held in late autumn, honors an internationally known guest who speaks on Latin American human rights issues. This celebration honors individuals and groups for their outstanding work in promoting justice and peace as well as a commitment to the mission of DJPC through the distribution of our Global Justice and Peace Award and our “John Proctor” Award, which goes to an outstanding DJPC volunteer.

2016 DJPC ANNUAL AWARDS NIGHT was held on October 29th


2016 Global Justice & Peace AwardOtros Mundos Chiapas was awarded to  Otros Mundos de Chiapas for its commitment to the search for alternatives to the social, economic, political and environmental crisis that we face in the current system of capitalist domination. In the struggle for the defense of the land, territories, and alternative strategies of development. They work to strengthen the resistance and articulation of the Mesoamerican movement of those affected by dams and mining. An example of their continued effort is their unwavering commitment to the struggle of Berta Caceres and COPINH in Honduras. To learn more about Otros Mundos AC Chiapas click here

El 29 de Octubre del 2016 se le otorgó el Premio Anual Justicia y Paz Global de DJPC a Otros Mundos de Chiapas queinse  ha destacado por la búsqueda de alternativas a la crisis social, económica, política y medioambiental que atravesamos en el actual sistema de dominación capitalista. En su lucha por la defensa de la Tierra y el Territorio y los Alter Natos trabajan para fortalecer la resitencia y el proceso de articulación del movimiento mesoamericano de afectados por las represas y la mineria. Un ejemplo de su continua labor ha sido su compromiso incondicional con la lucha encabezada por Berta Cácers y el COPINH en Honduras. Para aprender mas sobre Otros Mundos AC Chiapas haga click aquí


In 2015, Professor Aviva Chomsky received the Global Justice and Peace Award.

Aviva Chomsky is Professor of History and Coordinator of Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies at Salem State University, Massachusetts. Author and Activist on many Latin American issues, including mining and immigration.

In 2013 Global Justice and Peace Award went to Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala – NISGUA,  links people in the U.S. and Guatemala in the grassroots global struggle for justice, human dignity, and respect for the Earth. Formed at the height of Guatemala’s war in 1981, NISGUA’s network today is comprised of thousands of people across the U.S. who demand justice for genocidal crimes of the past, push to change current U.S. policies, challenge corporate-led development in Guatemala, and advocate for grassroots alternatives.  

 2012 Awards Night Video 
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