36 YEARS OF SOLIDARITY, 1979 – 2015!arms Denver Justice and Peace Committee (DJPC) was founded in late 1976 in response to the National Catholic Bishops’ Call to Action. DJPC expanded and incorporated in 1979, as an interfaith membership-based organization addressing global injustice in developing countries. One of its first projects was participating in the international boycott of the Nestle Corporation for its unethical marketing of infant formula in the Third World.

Foto de un protesto
Protesting Nestles

In 1984, DJPC supported a campaign against Western Airlines for its cooperation in the deportation of Salvadorans. Soon after that DJPC promoted a campaign to declare the City of Denver a sanctuary for Central American refugees. Through the rest of the decade and into the 1990s, DJPC has continued to work in solidarity with the people of Latin America by sponsoring educational programs, lobbying elected officials, and promoting action campaigns.

Our Current programs include:

(1) A MineWatch program whose current focus is supporting the people of Peru in their efforts to protect their land and water by stopping Newmont Mining Company”s Conga mine.

(2) A salon series on Latin America peace & justice, nonviolence studies, U.S. foreign policy, globalization, etc.

(3) Advocacy and Nonviolent Activism Committee who are concentrating on supporting the Honduran people in their struggles for justice as well as stopping Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

DJPC seeks to end a world with sweatshops in the Southern Hemisphere and corporate greed in the Northern Hemisphere, devastated rain forests in the South and over consumption in the North, and persistent racism, environmental degradation and ever-widening inequalities in both the South and North. We welcome your help in building a better world! Please join us!