On International Women’s Day we honor all whom have lead the way.

Photo caption: As long as we have capitalism, this planet will not be saved because it is contrary to life, to ecology, to human beings and to women.

International Women’s Day commemorates the social, political and economic achievements of women. International Women’s Day was first celebrated in March 1911 in Europe, and has since been an important day for women all over the world, using the given platform to advocate women’s rights and press for their demands. The UN started celebrating International Women’s Day 47 years ago, and it is sad to see that we still live in a world that is run by men who are oppressing women and their rights. To this day, women face challenges that impact their daily lives in society, such as inequality and discrimination, sexual abuse and abuse of power, as well as being hit harder by war and climate change than their male counterparts. Additionally, in parts of the world like Central America, femicide is still a pressing issue. With this year’s hashtag #BreakTheBias, the UN and other groups call on people to work towards an inclusive, equitable world that is free from bias and discrimination so that women and girls can move forward and participate in finding solutions for the struggles of society. The theme of the 2022 Women’s Day is “gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow,” and it acknowledges the leading role of women in the fight against and adaptation to climate change.

Today, on International Women’s Day we want to honor all our leaders in the environmental and human rights movement that have been taken away from us. We want to continue the legacy of Berta Cáceres who was assassinated 6 years ago. We also remember Marielle Franco in Brazil killed almost 4 years ago. Further, we also remember Sister Dorothy Stang, killed in 2005 for her activism in defense of indigenous people, landless workers, and the environment. They were killed for their activism and for not being afraid of denouncing injustice and exploitation. Berta, Marielle, and Dorothy and many more like them have left us a legacy that we need to continue. The struggle is not over and we are responsible to move it forward.

Berta Cáceres, Presente!
Marielle Franco, Presente!
Dorothy Stang, Presente!

We also want to recognize those that continue to struggle against imperial capitalism, oppression, racism, patriarchy and militarism. We are committed to stand in solidarity with the poorest, the most excluded, the women, the indigenous, the workers, and the peasants.

PS. This excerpt uses the term “women” to describe a group of people. We recognize gender diversity including the experiences of trans men, trans women, non-binary and gender nonconforming people. And, want to assert that when we read this text, we simultaneously celebrate our common struggles and distinct perspectives, experiences, and positionality. We are whole humans with cross sectional identities, surviving through the patriarchal air we breathe.

¡La Lucha sigue! The struggle continues!


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