DJPC’s Wish List

2014 clock.

As DJPC looks ahead to next year, we already know
that there will be many needs and expenses to face. 
If you are able to help, here is a list of some of DJPC’s needs:
– desk-top photocopier (it died today 🙁
– blank Note Cards
– digital camera
– stick-on Name Tags
– table-top or floor-stand fan
– white paper (8 1/2 x 11, recycled)
– hand-held video camera
– postage stamps (1st class Forever)
– non-fiction books or documentary DVDs related to Latin America
Or if you are more inclined to helping with ongoing expenses:
– hall rental for a monthly Salon – $50
– office rent for one month – $165
Donations can be delivered to the office at 3131 Osceola Street,
3rd floor of Highlands United Methodist Church
or can be made as a check written to

Denver Justice & Peace Committee Education Fund” and mailed to: 
P.O.Box 12403
Denver, CO 80212
or on line at, and click on DONATE.
We are most grateful for all our benefactors

who make DJPC’s work possible, year after year!
Denver Justice & Peace Committee
P.O. Box 12403
Denver, Colorado 80212 USA
Tel. 303-623-1463
Facebook – Twitter

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