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June Salon: “Honduras: A Case Study of the Global Shock Doctrine”

By Denver Justice & Peace Committee

Margie Thompson and Maria Suarez Toro, of FIRE (Feminist International Radio Endeavour), will talk about what constitutes “the shock” with the repression in Honduras following the coup d’etat in June 2009 and continuing today.  They will discuss the persecution of the popular resistance and social/political movements, and power grabs by conservative political forces and transnational… »

URGENT ACTION: Fear for Safety of Evicted Communities in Guatemala

By Chris Cottle

In early September the members of two indigenous communities in the department of Alta Vera Paz, Guatemala, were forcefully evicted from their homes and land.  Amnesty International issued an Urgent Action Appeal on September 25, 2009 urging authorities to allow the evicted members of the communities access to the land from where they were evicted… »

Urgent Action: Human Rights Defenders Threatened in Guatemala

By Denver Justice & Peace Committee

Amnesty International sent out the following urgent action today about death threats against the staff of the Asociacion para el Estudio y Promocion de la Seguridad en Democracia (SEDEM) and the Unidad de Proteccion de Defensoras y Defensores de Derechos Humanos (UDEFEGUA). DJPC encourages you to send a letter to Guatemalan authorities requesting the protection of those… »

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