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Tonight, October 20th Salon: “Reclamation Issues at Guatemala’s Marlin Mine”

By Denver Justice & Peace Committee

Join us as Rob Robinson, leader of the GeoTech team that has been monitoring and researching the cracked houses surrounding the Marlin Mine in Guatemala since 2005 and has researched the issues surrounding the reclamation of the mine, shares a general overview of mining issues, a history of transnational corporations repeating itself in Guatemala, the… »

March Salon: “David v. Goliath: Stories of Success, Grief and Hope Surrounding Gold Mining in Guatemala”

By Denver Justice & Peace Committee

Alejandro Alfaro, a Guatemalan and former employee of COPAE (the San Marcos’ Catholic Diocese’ Pastoral Commission of Peace and Ecology) will share his experiences working with the communities in Guatemala’s Western Highlands who are opposing the chemical mining taking place in their territories. The story of their lives is a story of success, grief, and… »

Global Solutions to Violence — Online!

By Harriet Mullaney

In 2003, DJPC added a new program, Global Solutions to Violence (GSTV), to teach students in local high schools and youth programs about peacemaking, nonviolence and globalization.  The program curriculum explores peacemaking and nonviolence as realistic solutions to societal conflict, thus creating the potential for a paradigm shift away from physical and economic violence. While DJPC… »

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