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(English) February Salon- HAITI: Beyond the Earthquake

By Denver Justice & Peace Committee


(English) A Legacy of Oppression in Haiti

By Lynn Holland

(The following was published in the Denver Post, online edition, January 24, 2010) By now, most are aware of the terrible toll the recent earthquake has had in Haiti. Not only has it caused tens of thousands of deaths, it has also destroyed hospitals, schools, and government buildings, obliterating the country’s few health care and… »


By DJPC Program Director

El martes, 12 de enero, a las 4:53 PM, el país caribeño de Haití fue destruído por un terremoto con magnitude de 7.0 al epicentro, solamente 10 millas al oeste del capital, Porte-au-Prince, que tiene mas de 2 millones de habitantes.  Son miles de muertos.  Son miles de los gravamente heridos.  Y son miles que… »

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