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July Salon Series – July 18th

By DJPC Program Director


April Salon Series – April 18th

By Social Media Intern

Come hear Rick Clifford’s inside scoop on this gold mine’s effect on people’s right to clean… »

Salon Discussion Series by Tarun Gudz

By DJPC Program Director

DJPC’s 2012 Salon Discussion Series “We celebrate each victory with our Guatemalan brothers and sisters,   mourn the losses, and always remind ourselves that the fight will continue.” Tarun Gudz Join CAMINOS’ most recent accompanier, Tarun Gudz, as she tells the compelling story of human rights struggles and victories in Guatemala… Paxia Restaurant 40th Ave. and… »

Salon Discussion on Guatemala Today

By DJPC Program Director

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our invited presenter from Guatemala, Pascual Bernabé Velásquez, will not arrive for this Thursday’s Salon Discussion Series.  Consequently, we will have the following program for this month’s Salon.  Our apologies for any inconveniences. DJPC 2012 SALON DISCUSSION SERIES PRESENTS GUATEMALA TODAY: a roundtable discussion We’ll hear from each other about: –… »

Salon Discussion Series on Mining & Indigenous Rights

By DJPC Program Director

DJPC 2012 SALON DISCUSSION SERIES PRESENTS MINING & INDIGENOUS RIGHTS IN HUEHUETENANGO, GUATEMALA by Pascual Bernabé Velásquez Pascual Bernabé Velásquez, a Q’anjob’al Mayan, is a city council member of San Juan Ixcoy and a representative of the Departmental Assembly of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. This Assembly has sought to make Huehuetenango a “Mining-Free Territory” and now struggles… »

June 21 Salon presentation: GRANITO

By DJPC Program Director

DJPC’s 2012 Salon Discussion Series presents: GRANITO:  How to Nail a Dictator a documentary film by Pamela Yates Guatemala’s genocide in the past comes to light in the present. The quest of many witnesses to bring a malevolent dictator to justice. Thursday, June 21, 2012 Starts on time at 7:00 PM English version, runs 1… »

Tonight, October 20th Salon: “Reclamation Issues at Guatemala’s Marlin Mine”

By Denver Justice & Peace Committee

Join us as Rob Robinson, leader of the GeoTech team that has been monitoring and researching the cracked houses surrounding the Marlin Mine in Guatemala since 2005 and has researched the issues surrounding the reclamation of the mine, shares a general overview of mining issues, a history of transnational corporations repeating itself in Guatemala, the… »

July Salon/DJPC’s Summer Film Series featuring “abUSed: The Postville Raid”

By Denver Justice & Peace Committee

photo courtesy www.AbusedThePostvilleRaid.com On May 12, 2008, 389 undocumented workers were arrested and placed in handcuffs and chains by 900 heavily armed ICE agents at Agriprocessors, Inc., the largest kosher slaughterhouse and meat-packing plant in the country.  In just 4 days, nearly 300 of these workers were fast-tracked through the US legal system, convicted of… »

May Salon This Thursday: “Guatemala Accompaniment Project: Stories from the Field”

By Denver Justice & Peace Committee

Ashley Williamson and Jason Boccaccio are returned accompaniers who will be sharing stories from their time with NISGUA’s Guatemalan Accompaniment Project (GAP). GAP accompanies communities to deter human rights violations. Ashley and Jason will share their own personal stories from Guatemala and answer any questions about GAP and current human rights issues in Guatemala. Thursday,… »

Rural Healthcare in Indigenous Guatemala

By Denver Justice & Peace Committee

Rural Healthcare in Indigenous Guatemala Photo courtesy of www.cprguatemalaproject.org Domingo Alvarez Ajanel and Pedro Bernal Raymundo, indigenous Mayans and members of the lead health team, will share about the work they are doing as health promoters in their communities and the work Promesa is doing in Guatemala. Promesa is a partnership between the Denver Justice… »

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