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Say NO to TPP!

By DJPC Program Director

  ACTION ALERT FROM DJPC’S ADVOCACY COMMITTEE! Getting down to the wire! Say “NO” to Fast Track for the TPP~NOW! A bill to revive Fast Track — the legislation to push the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through Congress — could be introduced very soon. At the moment, Senator Ron Wyden has the ability to decide the… »

Colombia and Panama Free Trade Agreements passed by House and Senate

By DJPC Program Director

On Wednesday, October 13th, the Colombia and Panama Free Trade Agreements, opposed by the Denver Justice & Peace Committee (DJPC), were passed in both the House and Senate. Despite corruption and major human rights violations in Colombia and Panama, President Barack Obama said passage of the agreements was “a major win for American workers and… »

September Salon: What does Globalization have to do with Migration?

By Denver Justice & Peace Committee

The focus of this popular education based workshop is globalization, migration, and the economic implications of these factors.  Come and learn how people are affected by neoliberal economic policies and how we can respond.  This workshop is filled with hands-on activities and sports a companion zine with resources and more. Jordan Garcia is the Immigrant… »

May Salon on Fair Trade: Highlights

By Kim Bell

Catherine Raveczky, one of the authors of DJPC’s Global Solutions to Violence curriculum, facilitated the evening’s discussion and engaged our participation through the popular education format. We started the evening by participating in a “Silent Thought Museum” where we walked around the room, viewing different visuals, and writing down our comments/reactions and  reflections to them…. »

May Salon- Working Toward Fair Trade

By Kim Bell

The 2010 Salon Discussion Series invites you to join us for a presentation that explores ways to develop just trade policies and fair trade opportunities as the means to counter the effects of globalization and neoliberal economic policies. Catherine Raveczky, one of the authors of DJPC’s Global Solutions to Violence curriculum, will facilitate the evening’s… »

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