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June 2017

Dear faithful DJPC members,

We’ve now survived the first four months of a nightmare: the Trump presidency. We’ve endured attacks on our education system, our healthcare, our immigrant communities. Perhaps a silver lining to the Trump presidency is the movement of a young, previously disillusioned and disaffected left. Formerly dormant activists are also stepping up to the occasion and committing their time and money to causes like ours in order to rail against the Trump regime, which is noble. But we’re veterans, aren’t we? This movement needs leadership and guidance. Over our history, we’ve been thorns in the sides of Nestlé, Newmont Mining, repressive governments, and many other unjust actors. Especially in this political climate, we need to lead by example and mentor aspiring activists who are just getting their feet wet in the field of social justice.

At DJPC, we’ve worked over the past four months to counteract these egregious developments and ensure the longevity of the organization. This work has included the recruitment of new board members, continual outreach and fundraising efforts, and intentional strategizing on the parts of various committee members. We aim to find new avenues of education and advocacy while honoring the sanctity of our mission that has led us here and kept us fighting against seemingly insurmountable odds for so long.

Since the January retreat, we’ve celebrated the many years of service of Connie Curtis, Richard Kruch and Steve Piper and welcomed newcomers to the Board of Directors Preston Enright, Lynn Holland, Lorena Gaibor, and myself. The fundraising working group continuously seeks new strategies—most recently the running of the Colfax 5K and half marathon. The Minewatch Program is preparing more community presentations for the upcoming year, working to create a blog that presents research on mining operations in Latin America, and planning the implementation of a podcast to educate about mining abuses. We’re working toward the possibility of delegations to the border with the SOA Watch and to Chiapas in collaboration with the University of Denver. We have so much in the works, and we need your help to accomplish it.

Since we reviewed our financial crisis at the January retreat, we’ve had a number of members pledge to being monthly sustainers but we’re not quite out of the woods. I realize that many of you have already given and continue to give to DJPC, and I’m grateful for your support of an organization that I have come to love and feel inspired by. With so many facets of our lives at risk post-January, I’m sure that you donate to many other organizations beyond DJPC, yet the very fabric of our lives and of those with whom we stand in solidarity will unravel if we do not continue the countercultural and grueling task of resistance. In the words of our Zapatista neighbors and role models: “Somos un ejemplo de que otro mundo si es posible.” If you’re curious about our potential, look no further than your wallets, handbags, and checking accounts. Together, with sustained effort on multiple fronts, we can achieve the world that we’ve been dreaming of for decades.

If you find the generosity and spirit of resistance well at work within you to donate, checks can be made to “DJPC Education Fund” or you can donate on our website at www.denjustpeace.org. We are particularly asking for sustainers at the $35/month level but any amount would be so very helpful. I look forward to meeting you if I haven’t already and I sincerely appreciate you welcoming me and providing me with a loving community far away from home.


Amy Czulada

DJPC Board Member


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