Giving Thanks for All of You!

By DJPC Program Director

     Thanks to all who foster justice and peace on planet Earth. “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” Native American proverb   Denver Justice & Peace Committee P.O. Box 12403 Denver, Colorado 80212 USA Tel. 303-623-1463… »

October 16th Salon: PERU IN PERIL

By DJPC Program Director
Chaupe familiy

October Salon Discussion Series 2014. Peru in Peril by the Peru Delegation (Jane Covode, Lynn Holland, Steve Piper, Kathryn Rodriguez, and Jerry Stookey ) The Peru delegation went to Cajamarca in July 2014 to witness firsthand the human rights abuses surrounding Newmont’s proposed Conga Mine.   The Chaupe Family of Celendin, Peru Thursday, October. 16,… »

Documentary Salon: “Chasing Ice”

By DJPC Program Director
Chasing Ice

DJPC’s 2013 Summer Salon Series Documentary screening and discussion of: CHASING ICE is the intense story by environmental photographer, James Balog, documenting for National Geographic the world’s changing glaciers. over a multi-year recording period. Thursday, July 17th 2014 7:00 – 9:00 PM at Highlands United Methodist Church 3131 Osceola Street Northwest Denver free parking in… »

Spring-to-Summer Potluck

By DJPC Program Director

  DJPC’S SPRING-TO-SUMMER POTLUCK & SOCIAL Friday, June 13, 2014,  6:30 – 8:30 PM Highlands United Methodist Church Hall 3131 Osceola Street, northwest Denver  *  Bring a dish to share with friends! *  Bring a friend to share with friends! *  Sing along for justice & peace!  *  Win the Door-Prize drawing!  *  Get the… »

NISGUA Award 2013

By DJPC Program Director
Megan Whelan (NISGUA) with Jane Covode (DJPC)


Holiday greetings!

By DJPC Program Director

  (\__/) (=’.’=) (“)_(“)     Hoppy Holidays! from the Denver Justice and Peace Committee   Denver Justice & Peace Committee P.O. Box 12403 Denver, Colorado 80212 Tel. 303-623-1463 Facebook  – Twitter – Skype    … »

World Day of Social Justice

By DJPC Program Director
un logo

UN WORLD DAY OF SOCIAL JUSTICE February 20th Giving money to help the poor is CHARITY. Working to change the systems that make people poor is SOCIAL JUSTICE. CHARITY is good, but why not also try to do SOCIAL JUSTICE ! The Denver Justice & Peace  Committee invites you to JOIN US in building a… »

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