Call for Nominations Global Peace & Justice Award. Due date 5/15/2017

By Rebeca Zuniga-Hamlin

This award is given at the Denver Justice and Peace Committee’s Awards Night. The Global Justice and Peace Award recipient should be an individual or organization doing exemplary work, in solidarity with the people of Latin America. Nominations should include a description of why the individual or group should be considered, and how their work… »

Critical Assessment and Planning Retreat: January 28: 9:30 -3:30

By Rebeca Zuniga-Hamlin

You have all supported us over 35 years. Some for a few months, others for a number of years, and many for decades. Together we challenged Nestle, made Denver a sanctuary city for Central American refugees, been human shields in Guatemala’s peace process, observed democracy being build in El Salvador and Honduras, accompanied mining struggles… »

July Salon Series – July 18th

By DJPC Program Director
july salon flyer  copy


Salon Discussion Series by Tarun Gudz

By DJPC Program Director

DJPC’s 2012 Salon Discussion Series “We celebrate each victory with our Guatemalan brothers and sisters,   mourn the losses, and always remind ourselves that the fight will continue.” Tarun Gudz Join CAMINOS’ most recent accompanier, Tarun Gudz, as she tells the compelling story of human rights struggles and victories in Guatemala… Paxia Restaurant 40th Ave. and… »

Salon Discussion on Guatemala Today

By DJPC Program Director

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our invited presenter from Guatemala, Pascual Bernabé Velásquez, will not arrive for this Thursday’s Salon Discussion Series.  Consequently, we will have the following program for this month’s Salon.  Our apologies for any inconveniences. DJPC 2012 SALON DISCUSSION SERIES PRESENTS GUATEMALA TODAY: a roundtable discussion We’ll hear from each other about: –… »

Living in a Tz’utujil Maya Community in 2012

By DJPC Program Director

June 15, 2012 Dear advocates of world justice, There is a taste of harmony, unity and justice in the air……something we have dreamed about, worked to achieve, and, at some level of our being, never believed could be possible. Mystics are expressing it. Psychics are channeling it. Ancient Mayans predicted it. And now, we also… »

June 21 Salon presentation: GRANITO

By DJPC Program Director

DJPC’s 2012 Salon Discussion Series presents: GRANITO:  How to Nail a Dictator a documentary film by Pamela Yates Guatemala’s genocide in the past comes to light in the present. The quest of many witnesses to bring a malevolent dictator to justice. Thursday, June 21, 2012 Starts on time at 7:00 PM English version, runs 1… »

Our “accompanier” in Guatemala: Tarun Gudz

By DJPC Program Director

Dear Loved One, What can one say to describe what it is like to live and work in Guatemala? Every walk is a new adventure, each day brings new challenges, and each person has something to teach. As some already know, I have been working in a volunteer capacity with an organization here since the… »

Mining Delegation 2011 Application Deadline – Video Interview with Brad Lawton-

By Denver Justice & Peace Committee

Click here:  Guatemalan Mining Delegation to watch a video about DJPC’s Guatemalan Mining Delegation in 2011. Click here for application: Mining delegation… »

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