Press Release: Global Day of Action Against Open-Pit Mining



Lynn Holland

DJPC Minewatch

303 744-9134

Denver, Colorado, July 2017

Throughout the world, open-pit and other high tech mining technologies are producing chemical waste that contaminates water supplies, degrades the natural environment, and destroys the possibility of farming and fishing for a living. Deforestation and the use of dynamite obliterate old growth forests and the ecosystems they support and ultimately undermine the means of subsistence and community life for indigenous and other rural communities.

On Saturday, July 22, Global Day of Action Against Open-Pit Mining, citizens around the world will take action to raise awareness of the devastating social and environmental impacts posed by open pit mining. In Denver, the Denver Justice and Peace Committee (DJPC) will stand in opposition to open-pit mining by taking action on the west steps of the State Capitol Building at 11 am. We stand in solidarity with the people around the world living near open-pit mines who suffer air and water pollution, and whose very lives are threatened by the criminalization of dissent.

For several years now, the DJPC has called for an end to the construction and expansion of open-pit mining by Newmont Mining in Peru. With headquarters in Denver, Colorado, Newmont Mining has operated the Yanacocha Mine in Cajamarca, Peru, for the past two decades. Yanacocha is the second largest gold mine in the world and the largest mine in South America. Through its operations, the company has contaminated the region’s waters and annihilated lakes creating an environment in which local residents have endured high rates of cancer and other health problems, crop damage, and animal deaths.

DJPC also stands in solidarity with Máxima Acuña de Chaupe, winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2016, and the people of her community in Celendín in Cajamarca, Peru. Recently, the Peruvian Supreme Court acquitted Máxima and her family of usurping land near the Newmont Mine in Celendín after years of struggle against the mine to remain. During that time, Máxima and her family were subjected to beatings and harassment at the hands of the company’s security guards.

The DJPC will continue to demand an end to the proposed expansion of the Yanacocha Conga Mine and to all open pit and other environmentally hazardous mining practices. Please join us on the west steps of the capitol on July 22!

No to mines! Yes to life! No a las minas! Sí a la vida!

Global Day of Action Against Open Pit Mining: July 22 @ 11 AM

Join us for our annual action on the Day of Action Against Open Pit Mining! Many coalitions from around the world will be organizing actions on this day to build awareness on the devastating effects of climate chaos. Saturday, July 22nd at 11 am at the West Steps of the State Capitol.

This is the one time of year when we can show our solidarity with communities around the world whose water has been contaminated or used up altogether, and with community activists who have been threatened, harassed, and even killed for speaking up.

Read The Nation Report on last years action in Denver:

Día de Acción Global
Contra la Minería a Cielo Abierto

Acompañanos en nuestra manifestación anual para crear conciencia sobre los efectos devastadores provocados por el caos climático. Estarémos manufestándonos al mismo tiempo que muchas organizaciones alrededor del mundo en contra de la mineria a cielo abierto. El sábado 22 de Julio a las 11 am en las gradas del lado oeste del Capitolio.

Esta oportunidad se da una vez al año, donde podemos mostrar nuestra solidaridad con las comunidades alrededor del mundo que se han quedado sin agua o viven con aguas contaminadas. Mostremos nuestro compromiso con lxs activistas que han sido amenazadxs, acosadxs, e incluso asesinadxs por denunciar esta situación.

Forum: In Defence of Life: Discussion and call for action.

Join us to our next Forum on the eve of the Global Day Against Open Pit Mining to watch In Defence of Life followed by a discussion about mining and how communities around the world are resisting, and call for action on July 22nd.

In Defence of Life follows the struggle and triumphs of four communities resisting large-scale mining projects in Colombia, the Philippines, South Africa and Romania.
Courageous environmental and human rights defenders from these communities describe how they have suffered and why they are standing firm to protect their families, land, water and life from destruction by mining. A film by Jess Phillimore for The Gaia Foundation

Friday, July 21st 2017
6:00 – 7:30 PM
AFSC Office: 1420 Ogdeon Street. Denver, 80218. (Please note the change in location)
(Free parking:
The Emerson School parking lot is only open to guests after 5:00 pm. However, the Ogden Theater rents the lot and people pay to park in our lot, if you are not going to the Ogden, you don’t need to pay.)

Pot-Luck: Friday, July 7th, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Pot-Luck: Friday, July 7th, 2017 at 6:00 pm

Join DJPC Summer Pot-Luck on Friday, July 7th at 6pm at Andy Bardwell’s former DJPC Board member who has kindly opened his home to us at 4801 W. Yale Ave. Denver, CO 80219. Lets enjoy summer in Denver! there is a lake in the back yard that you can go canoeing and a path for walking. Bring a dish, drinks, and your favorite music to share. The whole family is welcome. RSVP:

Viernes, 7 de Julio del 2017 a las 6:00 pm

Ven a nuestra fiesta de traje el viernes, 7 de Julio a las 6 pm en la casa de nuestro antiguo miembro de la junta directiva Andy Bardwell quien ha abierto las puertas de su casa en 4801 W. Yale Ave. Denver, CO 80219. Disfrutemos del verano en Denver! Hay un lago en el patio para jugar en el agua con las canoas, o puedes ir a caminar en la vereda. Trae una bebida, comida y tu música favorita para compartir. Toda la familia esta invitada. Envie su confirmacion a:

A Brighter Future, Despite The Challenges. Continue Supporting Solidarity!

June 2017

Dear faithful DJPC members,

We’ve now survived the first four months of a nightmare: the Trump presidency. We’ve endured attacks on our education system, our healthcare, our immigrant communities. Perhaps a silver lining to the Trump presidency is the movement of a young, previously disillusioned and disaffected left. Formerly dormant activists are also stepping up to the occasion and committing their time and money to causes like ours in order to rail against the Trump regime, which is noble. But we’re veterans, aren’t we? This movement needs leadership and guidance. Over our history, we’ve been thorns in the sides of Nestlé, Newmont Mining, repressive governments, and many other unjust actors. Especially in this political climate, we need to lead by example and mentor aspiring activists who are just getting their feet wet in the field of social justice.

At DJPC, we’ve worked over the past four months to counteract these egregious developments and ensure the longevity of the organization. This work has included the recruitment of new board members, continual outreach and fundraising efforts, and intentional strategizing on the parts of various committee members. We aim to find new avenues of education and advocacy while honoring the sanctity of our mission that has led us here and kept us fighting against seemingly insurmountable odds for so long.

Since the January retreat, we’ve celebrated the many years of service of Connie Curtis, Richard Kruch and Steve Piper and welcomed newcomers to the Board of Directors Preston Enright, Lynn Holland, Lorena Gaibor, and myself. The fundraising working group continuously seeks new strategies—most recently the running of the Colfax 5K and half marathon. The Minewatch Program is preparing more community presentations for the upcoming year, working to create a blog that presents research on mining operations in Latin America, and planning the implementation of a podcast to educate about mining abuses. We’re working toward the possibility of delegations to the border with the SOA Watch and to Chiapas in collaboration with the University of Denver. We have so much in the works, and we need your help to accomplish it.

Since we reviewed our financial crisis at the January retreat, we’ve had a number of members pledge to being monthly sustainers but we’re not quite out of the woods. I realize that many of you have already given and continue to give to DJPC, and I’m grateful for your support of an organization that I have come to love and feel inspired by. With so many facets of our lives at risk post-January, I’m sure that you donate to many other organizations beyond DJPC, yet the very fabric of our lives and of those with whom we stand in solidarity will unravel if we do not continue the countercultural and grueling task of resistance. In the words of our Zapatista neighbors and role models: “Somos un ejemplo de que otro mundo si es posible.” If you’re curious about our potential, look no further than your wallets, handbags, and checking accounts. Together, with sustained effort on multiple fronts, we can achieve the world that we’ve been dreaming of for decades.

If you find the generosity and spirit of resistance well at work within you to donate, checks can be made to “DJPC Education Fund” or you can donate on our website at We are particularly asking for sustainers at the $35/month level but any amount would be so very helpful. I look forward to meeting you if I haven’t already and I sincerely appreciate you welcoming me and providing me with a loving community far away from home.


Amy Czulada

DJPC Board Member

Thank you for your support, we raised $2,730 by running for peace!

Natasha and Rebeca The DJPC running team, ran on Saturday May 20th the 5K part of the Colfax Marathon would like to thank you for you all your donations to support DJPC, as of today May 24 we have received a total of $2,730!!! . Our target was $3,000, there might be a few checks in the mail that have not arrived yet, so we are still hoping to get to our target.

You forgot to donate? There is still time to help us get to our $3,000 target To give go to DONATE button and select Colfax Marathon donation category. Or send a check to DJPC Education Fund to PO Box 12403 Denver CO 80212. Your donation is tax deductible.

Any amount counts!!

Running team, Natasha Kerr, Adrina Shaikh, Mait Baldwin, Grace Nelson, Aaron Schneider and Rebeca Zuniga,

We will run for peace again next year, let us know if you want to join our team at

Adrina Aaron and Rebeca after race1El equipo de atletas que corrieron el sabado 20 de Mayo la carrera de 5 kilometros parte de las actividades del Maraton Colfax quiere agradecer todo su apoyo al DJPC, hasta el día de hoy 24 de Mayo hemos recaudado $2,730!! !Que increible grupo de apoyo tenemos! Nuestra meta era recaudar $3,000, puede ser que todavia hay algunos cheques en el sistama de correo que nos ayuden alcanzar nuestra meta.

Olvidastes donar?!, aún puedes hacerlo en linea o enviándonos un cheque, DJPC Education Fund to PO Box 12403 Denver CO 80212. Tu donativo es deducible de impuestos en los Estados Unidos.

Cualquier cantidad es impartante!

Gracias de parte del equipo de atletas: Natasha Kerr, Adrina Shaikh, mait Baldwin, Grace Nelson, Aaron Schneider y Rebeca Zuniga.

We are in search for a Bookkeeper

Bookkeeper search : This is a Volunteer position

The Denver Justice and Peace is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting human rights, economic and environmental justice, towards lasting peace in Latin America through education and nonviolent activism.


DJPC is seeking for a volunteer bookkeeper to be based in Denver, Colorado. This is volunteer one (1) day a month position (2- 4 hours) and reports to the Director. This position is responsible for performing the monthly payables and receivables and banking reconciliations.


  • Enter data in Quickbooks
  • Process invoices, receipts, payments, and other financial transactions
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Reconcile accounts and prepare reports
  • Manage our accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Communicate regularly Director


  • Values fit with DJPC mission

  • Nonprofit Experience

  • Higher Education required and knowledge in Accounting and/or Finance preferred.

  • At least 2 years bookkeeping and administrative experience.

  • Proficient in QuickBooks, Microsoft Suite and other open source technology

  • Ability to work as part of the team

  • Ability work independently

  • High level of attention to detail

  • Results-oriented, and excellent organizational skills

Send your expressions of interest, Cover letter and CV to

This volunteer position is open until filled.

13 Colors of Resistance Tour in Denver. Saturday, May 20th 2017 at 4:30pm

13 Colors Honduran ResistancelowresJoin KGNU, DJPC and Cafe Cultura for the Colorado leg of the national tour of two Honduran activists honoring the life of Berta Cáceres. Afro-indigenous autonomous feminist, poet and writer Melissa Cardoza and Karla Lara, an internationally recognized feminist who voices resistance through song and writing, will perform stories from Cardoza’s book *13 Colors of the Honduran Resistance* about women resisting brutal repression and finding unyielding hope. A post-performance dialogue will examine parallels between the current struggles in Honduras and the U.S. The event will take place on May 20th.

“These stories of bravery, of struggle and pain, and ultimately of a resilience rooted in a love for freedom will grip your heart.” – Alicia Garza, Co-creator of the Black Lives Matter Network

This special event will be held at KGNU’s Denver location at 700 Kalamath, in the Santa Fe Arts District. There will be a live performance in Studio A and a reception afterwards on the second floor of the Denver Open Media / KGNU Building. Doors open at 4:30 PM, performance will start promptly at 5 PM.

What: 13 Colors of Honduran Resistance Tour
Where: 700 Kalamath, in the Santa Fe Arts District, Studio A and 2nd Fl Reception area
When: Doors at 4:30PM, performance starts at 5 PM followed by reception

We are running for peace on May 20th 2017. Support DJPC with your donation. Any amount counts!

Starting-Line Colfax 5 kDJPC has a team of six runners that will cross the finish line in pursuit of $3000 for DJPC’s operating costs. Support us with your contributions to continue our solidarity work with the peoples of Latin America; through our work in Denver advocating and educating for human rights, environmental, and economic justice!

Will you help us achieve our goal? As of May 15th we have raised $1040!

Any amount counts!

To support DJPC go to DONATE and select Colfax Marathon donation category.

If you want to come cheer, the start location is Denver’s City Park. South of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We will start at 9am.

Keep us posted if you are a regular Colfax Marathon runner and have made us your Charity Partner:

Máxima Acuña and her family acquitted. Supreme court rules against Yanacocha owned by Colorado based Newmont Mining.

Great news today from Peru! The Supreme Court has acquitted Máxima Acuña, an indigenous woman and recent recipient of the Goldman Environmental Prize, for usurping land from Newmont Mining near Celendín, Peru. The struggle has been many years in the making. While Newmont and its partner in Peru, joint owners of Yanacocha, have held that they own the property Máxima and her family now live on since l996, her property title shows that she has owned it since l994.

MáximaChaupeIn recent years, Máxima and her family have been subjected to beatings and harassment at the hands of Yanacocha’s security guards. According to her lawyer, Mirtha Vásquez, the company may now be liable for physical and psychological damages that they have inflicted on the family. This process could take many years, however, since the civil process is still in its beginning stages in Peru.

Read more …

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