DJPC Director of Program Services

Jerry Stookey

DJPC Board of Directors

Connie Curtis – Chair

Elliot Williams

Richard Kruch – Vice Chair

Steve Piper – Treasurer

John Whitson – Secretary

Message From the Board -  March 2008 By Gabriela Flora

The Denver Justice and Peace Committee is much more than just an organization I belong to or a board on which I serve. DJPC is a community of diverse, dedicated people with whom I share values and who challenge me to make a positive impact on my community and world. DJPC is a vehicle through which I am empowered to work joyfully with others to create peace in Latin America and engage in positive activism. I am connected to many national and local organizations. At the end of the year, however, DJPC received my largest donation, greater than to any other organization with which I am involved.

I believe it is my privilege to support grassroots, local organizations like DJPC. I get back much more than I give. While I strongly believe in the national organizations I support and am thankful for all they do, there is something special I feel when I give (both money and time) to DJPC. It is a connection that is real and personal and one that empowers me as a member of this community. The local component of DJPC creates direct avenues of access into the democratic process that I do not experience with national organizations. This local access provides me with a map and vision of what we can do together to see into and change the realities that exist in current policies and people’s lives.

DJPC is locally based but grounded beyond through its international reach. “Reach” indicates communication from me and other DJPC members to areas where I alone could have little impact, i.e. a conduit. DJPC serves as a conduit to Political Participation, Know-how, Insight, Awareness, Empowerment, Community and Self-Actualization. I hope you will join me in continuing your pledge to support DJPC in time and money to the fullest potential of your ability. From personal experience, I can tell you that the payoff of giving to DJPC is multi-fold of what one gives.

In community, peace and solidarity,

Gabriela Flora

DJPC Board member

Message from our New Director of Program Services- Sept. 2008

It’s a privilege to serve as DJPC’s new Director of Program Services. Although I was part of DJPC from the beginning, I left Denver 24 years ago, after which time I worked in Central America, principally in Nicaragua; then in St. Louis, Missouri and Chicago, Illinois; and finally in Rome for my international religious community, known as the Dominicans. Along the way, I have remained committed to justice and peace to the best of my ability.

I am thrilled to return to DJPC now, and to wonderful Colorado! I am very impressed by DJPC’s history and the amount of activity by so many dedicated members, some of whom I know from when we first began.

I have had the opportunity of seeing a great deal of Latin America, and I look forward to working with you in DJPC to help foster greater peace and justice for all Latin Americans. More than ever, I believe in one, united world, built around justice and peace for all on planet Earth. I think this will require a huge change of mind and heart and worldview for many of us, but it is a challenge worth struggling for.

Now we have to think and act, and we have to do so both locally and globally (not just “think globally and act locally”). Now we clearly have to work for both peace and justice, that is, if we truly want both peace and justice (not just “work for justice, if you want peace”). I have great hopes for us to continue doing this together in DJPC, just as you have being doing for decades already.

For a more just and peaceful world, Jerry Stookey

Director of Program Services

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