Statement condemning fascist violence in Washington, DC, on January 6th 2021.

DJPC condemns the fascist violence in Washington, DC, spurred to action by the xenophobic and racist outgoing president, Donald Trump. He cultivated the mob when he failed to condemn their Charleston violence in 2017; he emboldened the mob by telling them to stand-down and stand-by in 2020; yesterday, he called on his mob to march on the capitol. We blame Trump for yesterday’s events, and we recognize him as simply the most recent vehicle of white supremacist violence in this country. 

White supremacy has been the handmaiden to American capitalism and empire, dependent from its birth on the extraction of labor from Black bodies, land from indigenous peoples, and sovereignty from foreign territories. In pursuit of dominance, the US has interrupted peaceful and democratic transfers of power in scores of other countries, especially in Latin America.

In solidarity with the people of Latin America, DJPC formed to oppose US intervention in the 1980s.  On January 6, one faction of the US attempted to interrupt the peaceful and democratic transfer of power at home, and we oppose fascism here.

The DJPC Team

January 7th, 2021.


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