Thank you Build for Peace volunteers! Thank you sponsors! You helped raise over $2,000

Thank you Build for Peace volunteers! Thank you sponsors! You helped raise over $2,000

Dear friends

On Saturday, August 25th a group of volunteers participated at the annual Build-for-peace at La Casita. To further our commitment to solidarity with working class, immigrant, Latinx, and grassroots movements. We at the Denver Justice & Peace Committee have dedicated our annual ‘build-for-peace’ efforts over the last two years to La Casita, a community center founded to provide recreation and community to the rapidly gentrifying and increasingly pressured Westwood neighborhood, in Denver, Colorado.

This year, we painted the interior in bright colors – green, yellow, orange – enlivening the exercise and training space and recalling the vivid colors everyone recognizes from the tropical rainbow of a Latin American neighborhood.

Build-for-peace brings Denver Justice and Peace Committee (DJPC) volunteers in contact with the brilliant neighborhood organizers who drive La Casita, sharing the DJPC history of struggle alongside women’s movements, human rights movements, environmentalist movements, and popular struggles of Latin America.

While volunteers from DJPC and La Casita painted, the kids climbed the furniture, contributing their own occasional dabs of artistry to the effort, and we all sat together after for a lunch of tortilla, guacamole, corn, steak, and onions. Joining our communities has become an annual tradition, and we’d do it even if it weren’t a fund-raiser. But fund-raiser it was, and thanks to your support we raised over $2,000, this will allow us to survive one more year, so we can commit to help La Casita next year!

If you would like to contribute now, your donation is tax deductible by pressing on the Donate button or send a check to: “DJPC Education Fund” and mail it to Denver Justice & Peace Committee, P.O. Box 12403 Denver, CO 80212.

Thank you!!

In Solidarity
Rebeca Zúniga-Hamlin


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