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DJPC header June 11, 2015 Dear members and friends of the Denver Justice & Peace Committee, For 36 years, DJPC has served as a vital voice for justice, nonviolence and peace in the Denver area. During this past year we sponsored a delegation to Celendin and Cajamarca, Peru to visit the communities there who are struggling to protect their land and water by resisting Newmont Mining Company’s proposed Conga Mine. We met with Newmont Mining Company and the Peruvian Consulate to express concerns about the proposed mine as well as the human rights abuses the Peruvian people are experiencing at the hands of the Newmont Mining security forces. We have emailed, snail mailed and called legislators to voice our opposition to Fast Track/Trade Promotion Authority and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. We held monthly Salons (and during the summer months, showed films) on a variety of topics including a Round Table Discussion on Cuba; TPP: the Secret Attack on Democracy; Peru and Climate Solidarity; Elite Politics and Class Conflict in Central America. None of these projects, nor any of the on-going educational Salons, speaking engagements, advocacy efforts, direct actions, nothing gets done at DJPC without everyone working together. You and I are DJPC! If not you and I, then who will work for such changes? DJPC needs your ongoing support and participation. DJPC plans to hire a new Program Director so that we can continue building on the long-term success of our organization. In order to do so we need to raise $10,000 by the end of July. Please participate in DJPC as best you can and support it with your donations! Ask others to attend DJPC actions with you and to join our listserv so they can respond to action alerts too. Invite others to attend a Salon with you. Invite others to donate. Give generously yourself. Make a tax-deductible donation on-line at or send a check payable to DJPC Education Fund and mail to Denver Justice & Peace Committee, PO Box 12403, Denver, CO 80212. Put DJPC in your will(then let us know!) so that DJPC’s 36-year legacy continues long after you and I leave DJPC in the hands of our children and grandchildren. We need your support of time, talent or treasure to keep DJPC’s voice strong. Thank you for calls made again this week to try to stop Fast Track! Thank you to our member who recently helped us make a connection resulting in the donation of two computers! Thank you to another member who organized a great wine and beer tasting fundraiser! These contributions were made as a sign not only of faith in DJPC’s future, but also of how important this organization is to us. Together we can make a change for environmental and economic justice, human rights and lasting peace in Latin America. Thank you in advance for your generosity. In solidarity, Connie Curtis Board Chair


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