September 18th Salon on Central America


DJPC September Salon Discussion Series

 rich and poor

Elite Politics and Class Conflict

in Central America.

by Dr. Aaron Schneider

Dr.Schneider is the Leo Block Chair at the Korbel Institute of International Studies at the University of Denver.  He is the author of “State-building and Tax Regimes in Central America” focused on the way in which insertion by small and vulnerable countries in the international economy has shaped class structures, political regimes, and outcomes for development.

Thursday, September. 18, 2014

7-9 PM

@ Highlands United Methodist church

Basement of community Hall

3131 Osceola Street

Northwest Denver

303-623-1463 –

Free parking in church lot at 32nd & Osceola and on street.

DJPC logo Denver Justice and Peace committee(DJPC) is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting human rights,economic justice, and lasting peace in Latin America through education,solidarity, and non violent activism.



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