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How do you stop a gold mine from destroying your community?  That’s what the people of Cajamarca, Peru, are trying to do. And they are asking us to help them. Why you and me? Because we are in the United States, and the gold-mining company in question is from Denver, Colorado!

That’s right.  The company is the Denver-based Newmont Mining Corporation, one of the largest gold producers in the world. They want to expand their gold mine, which is already the second largest gold mine in the world, to an additional site in Cajamarca called Conga Mine.  It’s outrageous that Newmont will not listen to the Peruvians who continue to say NO to the Conga Mine.  Why don’t they want this mine? Because it will:  annihilate four mountain lakes and the surrounding mountains; endanger people downstream with poisoning; and ignore scientific evidence that Newmont’s so-called Environmental Impact Statement is erroneous.

MineWatch, a project of the Denver Justice & Peace Committee (DJPC), joins the people of Cajamarca in saying to Newmont: ENOUGH! But we need your help, since we’re dealing with one of the largest gold-mining companies in the world!

Thanks to your previous help, DJPC’s MineWatch has already accomplished a lot:

*  Sponsorship of the premiere in Golden and Denver of the documentary film “The Devil Operation”

*  Presentation of DJPC’s “Global Justice & Peace Award 2010″ to GRUFIDES, a non-profit organization in Cajamarca, opposed to Newmont’s abuses.

*  On-going petition campaign since 2011 to urge Newmont to review and end its contract with FORZA, their private security company linked to human rights violations.

March to the Peruvian Consulate in Denver on February 10, 2012, in solidarity with the Cajamarcan people’s “National March for Water 2012” on the same date in Lima, when we presented DJPC’s letter to the Consul.

Community outreach presentations to schools, universities, churches, organizations, etc. on “Human Rights and Gold-Mining” and what Newmont is doing to Cajamarca, such as our presentation to 700 students at Cherry Creek High School on December 9, 2011.

We’ve only just begun! We need you to help MineWatch continue this year, as we challenge Newmont! Seems like a David v. Goliath story! Since Newmont is so large and wealthy, we need to launch this 3–month campaign to raise $5000 so that DJPC will be able to stand up to the giant!  Can you help us meet this challenge by June 15th, in order to match a $1000 donation from an anonymous donor? You can donate on-line now by simply clicking  on DONATE HERE. Consider making a recurring donation monthly or quarterly, to sustain MineWatch all year.  You can also mail checks made to “Denver Justice & Peace Committee Education Fund” to DJPC, P.O. Box 12403, Denver, CO 80212.  Your donation is tax-deductible.

We are deeply grateful, not only for your donation, but also for joining MineWatch’s efforts throughout this year!

For a more just and peaceful world,
Jerry Stookey
DJPC Program Director

P.S. Remember, Newmont is destroying the community of Cajamarca and needs your help!

Denver Justice & Peace Committee
P.O. Box 12403
Denver, Colorado 80212 USA
Tel. 303-623-1463
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