July Salon- Crossing Arizona

DJPC’s 2010 Salon Discussion Series invites you to the July Film Series event, Crossing Arizona. Join us Thursday July 15th at 7:00PM as we view this documentary that focuses on the Arizona border and the desert climate that has caused a rise in migrant deaths as they attempt to cross into the United States. The speaker will be Jennifer Piper who works with AFSC.


Frustrated ranchers go out day after day to repair cut fences and pick up the trash that endangers their livestock and livelihoods. Humanitarian groups place water stations in the desert in an attempt to save lives. And now there are the Minutemen, an armed citizen patrol group taking border security into their own hands. “Crossing Arizona” reveals the surprising political stances people take when immigration and border policy fails everyone. Text from http://www.crossingaz.com/web_pages/synopsis.html

Website: crossingAZ.com Trailer: Link to film excerpt

Thursday July 15th



Denver Justice & Peace Committee

Denver Inner City Parish | Community Room

1212 Mariposa Street, Denver 80204


Free parking is available along the street as well as in the lots beside the building.

Enter through the door located off of 12th Avenue.

Website: www.denjustpeace.org | Phone: 303-623-1463 | E-mail:djpc@denjustpeace.org

July_Flier_Crossing Arizona


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