DJPC’s Position on Immigration

In light of upcoming legislation for comprehensive Immigration Reform, here is DJPC’s official position on Immigration, written by our Advocacy & Nonviolent  Activism committee, and approved by DJPC’s Board of Directors:

DJPC’s Position on Immigration:immigration

DJPC’s work for human rights, economic justice and lasting peace for Latin America affords a unique position from which to contribute to the current public policy debate on immigration.

DJPC concurs that a humane and just U.S. immigration policy must be adopted in the U.S., one that meets the needs of immigrants, communities and our economy.   It should respect international law and human rights–particularly the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state, provide a legal avenue for citizenship, afford the opportunity to obtain work without legal recrimination, support the lawfully authorized entry of those under duress or fleeing natural disaster, and enable family re-unification. These policy goals should be accomplished without militarization of the border, discrimination against or exploitation of immigrants whose lives have already been adversely affected by U.S. policies in their home countries.

DJPC believes, however, that this conundrum cannot reach successful resolution without first dealing with the root causes of the immigration surge and analyzing those areas in which U.S. policies act as catalysts for it. To this end, DJPC advocates foreign and trade policies that:

  • Improve human rights and support civil society members at risk.

  • Strengthen political and civil institutions and root out corruption and impunity.

  • Create opportunities for people to remain in their home countries where they can be productive citizens and preserve family units and support systems.

  • Minimize the gap between the rich and the poor, and achieve just livable wages for workers at home and abroad.

  • Make education and health care more universally available.

  • Defend against the trafficking of human beings, especially women and children, for the purpose of exploiting them economically or sexually.

  • Reduce reliance and dependency on the U.S.

  • Conduct negotiations in a transparent, inclusive and accountable manner.

  • Prioritize funding for human development over military aid.

  • Promote the needs of individual workers and small local businesses over those of transnational corporations.

  • End exploitation of human and natural resources by the U.S. and other global powers.

  • Provide strong and meaningful labor and environmental standards, and demand compliance.

  • Reverse and reduce the concessioning and privatization of essential public services.

Additionally, DJPC extends this scrutiny to policies of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the World Trade Organization, and other financial bodies supported by the U.S.

DJPC works to establish equitable public policy through:

  • Education: of our members, our communities, our Congressional delegation on the ways in which U.S. foreign and trade policies impact economically-motivated immigration.

  • Solidarity: partnering with local and national groups and international movements to advocate for these policies. Reaching out to immigrant communities and bearing witness to the struggle of our immigrant neighbors.

  • Nonviolent Activism: calling, writing, visiting and keeping the pressure on members of our Congressional delegation to enact just foreign and trade policies. Participating in rallies, press conferences, public meetings, and nonviolent protests.


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