Build for Peace

Harriet Mullaney wheelin' and buildin'
Harriet Mullaney wheelin’ and buildin’

DJPC’s annual Build for Peace will take place on two Saturdays this year:   October 17 and October 31.

Build for Peace is a work-a-thon,  similar to walk-a-thons and marathons, to raise money for Denver Justice & Peace Committee’s work in solidarity with the people of Latin America.   Volunteers sign up to be “builders”  on work crews, and get sponsors to pledge financial support for their labor which goes to DJPC, as a non-profit organization.

This year our “builders” will be painting, landscaping, restoring a home for The Family Tree, a non-profit organization that provides a broad range of services and shelter to families and youth of metro Denver to overcome child abuse, domestic violence and homelessness.   So everyone wins!  The families get the services and homes they need with the help of  The Family Tree.   And the Latin American people get greater justice and peace with your solidarity and help to keep Denver Justice and Peace Committee operating.  All thanks to your pledge of support for our “builders”!

Please send your pledge to support one of these “builders”:

For Saturday, October 17:—————————————–For Saturday, October 31:

Bob Carlsten ————————————————————–  Pat Buckley

Connie Curtis ————————————————————-  Jim Chaney

Richard Kruch ————————————————————   Rick Clifford

Jeremy Lee —————————————————————-  Jane Covode

Jerry Stookey ————————————————————  Jonathon Moller

Joy Warner —————————————————————-  Stever Piper

Shirley Whiteside ——————————————————–  Kathryn Rodriguez

Elaine Zuba —————————————————————-  Chuck Tadlock

Rick Zuba ——————————————————————-  Tommy Timm

———————————————————————————– Susan Cotton

———————————————————————————- Jerry Stookey

———————————————————————————- Julie Nutter

———————————————————————————- Sarah Sloane

Denise Peine paints for peace
Denise Peine paints for peace

To make a pledge to sponsor one of these “builders” click on the “Donate” tab above and fill out the form, indicating who you wish to sponsor.

Thank you for your support!  Let’s make sure that DJPC will continue to work for a more just and peaceful world by supporting its Build for Peace.


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