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Jerry Stookey, Patricia Davis, Peggy Muldoon, Tom DeJohn, Hayden Gore, Jordan Schulz, Peter Taylor

Welcome to the new Denver Justice and Peace Committee’s website.  What you are looking at is the result of months of planning and discussions by a number of people interested in improving DJPC’s cyber space image.  A search went out in November of 2008 to find folks who were willing to meet and begin working on the new website and other computer related issues.  An IT committee was formed in December (see photo above) and planning began in earnest.   Peter Taylor was named chairperson.  We decided to split the team into two sub committees – the content and the design sub committees, in order to focus on the two distinct jobs which lay ahead.

The act of  creating a new look for a website is a pretty tall order, but as we discovered not as daunting as the process of sorting through the old pages and deciding what to keep and what to chuck.  In order to keep our site relevant  we’ve adopted a new process for adding new stories.  Instead of having one person do all the “posting” to the site, we’ve asked our various committee members to be the authors of items to be posted, and have provided training on the process of creating posts to the new site (see our “Tutorial” page).  Our interns will also be involved in the process.   We are using the open source software WordPress to power our site, as it allows for authoring from any location, by just logging in.  This should be especially helpful for delegations traveling in Central America to create immediate news stories during their travels.

We hope you like the new look and feel of DJPC’s new website, and that you will be patient with us as we continue the process of ironing out the bugs and cleaning out the attic.  If you do have comments we would like to hear from you!  Contact us at the DJPC mailbox.


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